Criteria for Awards

While there is no exact formula for determining awards, here are some general guidelines that may be helpful for delegates interested in competing for an award:

Quality over Quantity

Focus on contributing meaningful and substantive ideas to committee rather than trying to talk as much as you possibly can. We want to see quality over quantity when it comes to participation.


Collaborate with your fellow delegates. This is especially important during unmoderated caucuses when you have the opportunity to talk to everyone in the room in an informal manner.

Public Speaking

When you speak in front of committee, make sure to communicate your idea with clarity. Some tips to improve your public speaking include planning out your ideas and talking points beforehand, projecting your voice, and making eye contact.

Realistic Representation

Be realistic in how you embody your position and respond to crises. Often, the position you are representing will act in a way that might not exactly align with your personal views. That’s okay! It is important to learn about the many different perspectives represented in the European Union. However, as you accurately represent your position, please remain respectful of the topic and of your fellow delegates (see last point).

Crisis Response

While it may be tempting to escalate crises as quickly as possible, consider reasonable steps that you think would actually work to address these crises. In both your crisis notes and your responses in committee, make sure your contributions are as specific and actionable as possible.


Most importantly, be respectful and considerate to the other delegates and your chairs.