Our committees are what make us special

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Unique E.U. Simulation

Yale Model Government Europe simulates the deliberations of the European Union, rather than those of the United Nations. This means that YMGE committees focus on tackling issues particularly relevant to Europe, and encourage delegates to narrow their focus in developing meaningful solutions to the issues they engage.

Unique Committee Roles

YMGE structures its committees to mirror the format of European politics, offering Cabinets, Councils, and Specialized Bodies. Cabinets, in particular, provide delegates the chance to engage in unique crisis simulations. Each Cabinet is comprised of delegates representing specific ministerial positions, and when crises unfold, ministers are asked to reshuffle and coordinate with ministers from other nations who share their roles. This reshuffling promotes the development of uniquely effective solutions to all aspects of the crisis.

Integrated Crisis

At YMGE, each committee is run as a crisis committee, featuring fast-moving crisis updates during every session. However, YMGE crises are unique in that every committee's crises is interrelated--all are part of a central crisis scenario. Every action taken by a committee has the potential to completely change the way the central crisis moves, so delegates not only work to solve the crisis, they continually shape it as well. This integrated approach to crises makes for more exciting deliberations and calls on delegates to develop practical, nuanced, and globally-aware solutions.

Quality of Staff

YMGE takes the quality of its committees very seriously. To ensure that committees are professionally run, YMGE employs a rigorous selection process to recruit Yale-student Committee Directors with passion for international relations and special knowledge about European affairs. Many of our Committee Directors are members of the Model United Nations Team at Yale, which is consistently ranked as one of the top MUN teams in the world. All of our Committee Directors also chair committees in the high school Yale Model United Nations conference on campus.

Small Committees

75% of YMGE committees enroll fewer than 12 delegates, and no committee is larger than 60 delegates. This small committee size ensures that delegates have plenty of opportunity to participate in debate, and to play substantial roles in their committee’s decision-making process. An intimate committee environment and individual attention from Yale students pushes delegates to reach new understandings of diplomacy, crisis management, and international relations.