Áron Demeter

It is our pleasure to announce that this year’s keynote speaker for YMGE 2017 is Áron Demeter, the chief advocacy officer and resident human rights expert at Amnesty International Hungary. Serving in this capacity at a time when political and social crises are challenging the foundation of European value systems, Mr Demeter has played an instrumental role in championing the rights of refugees in Hungary, which has seen an influx of asylum seekers due to its geopolitical situation at the southern edge of the European Union. Much of Mr Demeter's work has focused on human rights education for youth in Hungary, through which he hopes to create lasting change in the civic culture of his country. Conducting this work at a time when the Hungarian government, along with many neighboring national administrations, is tilting towards euroscepticism has put Mr Demeter and his work at the center of an ongoing debate about the preservation of the values that form the basis of the European project.