YMGE’s Cabinets and Council committees operate in two phases. First come the National Cabinets. Delegates are assigned a role in a National Cabinet of one of twelve European Union member nations, and these committees will tackle the issues outlined in their topic guide. Delegates will debate and discuss their topics from the point of view of their minister. For example, as the Finance Minister, one might bring knowledge of financial issues to the discussion.

These committees will utilize UNA-USA procedure (see “Cabinet” procedure flowchart below), and will look more typical to what most delegates are accustomed to. Delegates will be recognized by the Chair, speak in moderated and unmoderated caucuses, and draft resolutions addressing their topics. These motions and points are outlined in the following flowchart.

At some point during committee, a crisis will break. There is more information regarding the crisis on the “Crisis” tab on the YMGE website. When the crisis breaks, committees will change in composition, discussion, and procedure. All delegates will move from their National Cabinet (sorted by country), into their Council (sorted by ministerial position). This means that the Minister of Immigration in the Portuguese Cabinet will reshuffle from the Portuguese Cabinet into the Immigration Council as YMGE shifts into crisis. Procedure will also change into Crisis Procedure, and this is detailed in the flowchart below.

The crisis will move forward as a result of the delegates’ actions and the updates are interlocking. All of the Councils will affect each other, and the crisis will develop as other ministers respond. If something happens in the Immigration Council, all other Councils will also need to take those actions into account. The Specialized Bodies will also experience the same crisis as the Councils. They will spend more time on their prepared topics as the topics are more advanced (using the same procedure as National Cabinets), but they will still contribute to the same crisis in a meaningful way. After the crisis is resolved, delegates will return back to their Cabinets to finish their topics. Procedure will return to UNA-USA, and all delegates will go back to debating their original topics.

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