Leaked Resolution Leads to Unrest in Catalonia

In Catalonia, support for independence is growing along with disdain for the Spanish government. This tension has been building over the past five years as the development of their sovereign state showed progress but slowed to a crawl. Many Catalans believe the federal government is trying to halt their evolution from a Spanish state to an independent country with polls suggesting than an overwhelming majority of Catalans don’t trust the Spanish authorities.

With the tension ready to burst, the Catalans only needed minimal evidence that the government was toying with them. This came about in the form of a leaked draft resolution by the Spanish government which heavily taxed the Catalans and established a new educational system. Many believe this system will result in children's indoctrination by the Spanish government. The revelation of this draft resolution resulted in a major increase in support for independence. This increase, as well as the outrage caused by the terms of the resolution, caused rioting throughout the streets of Catalonia.

With the people of Catalonia demanding action from the Spanish government and their cries falling on deaf ears, it was only a matter of time until a spark caused a fire. Now, hopefully Spain’s federal government can defuse the tension and listen to the people before the once peaceful movement turns violent.