European Commission Discusses Irish Border

by Ida Brooks and Kiara Carrière

The European Comission debated about the border between Ireland and Northern Ireland. The debate topic included discussions mainly about whether there should be a hard or soft border between the two  states. A hard border is one that is strongly controlled and protected by police and soldiers, while a soft border is one where people are allowed to pass freely.


Both Irish and UK governments have stated that they do not want a hard border, as there are several consequences surrounding the issue, taking into account the historical and social  sensitivities  that permeate the island. Furthermore, a border would be very expensive and create financial, migrational, and transportational issues.


At the beggining of the conference, Ireland’s Minister of Agriculture stated that « this is a very important topic that will affect a lot of people and that every country should take part of it. » ireland does not support the UK’s decision of leaving the EU, and believes that as a result, the UK should pay a great sum of money to assume the consequences of their act.