Refugee Council Faces Terrorist Crisis

By Ida Brooks and Francisco Santos

Budapest, Hungary (November 24, 2017) - This afternoon, the Immigration and Refugees Council was tasked with negotiating possible solutions to a series of terrorist attacks perpetrated by the Organization of National Self-Determination (ONS). The attacks were carried out in cities all throughout Europe, including Brussels, Stockholm, Budapest, and Frankfurt, with an undefined death toll that continues to rise.

There was definitive divergence regarding the ways in which the committee should assimilate the substantial influx of refugees and immigrants in Europe.

A number of delegates, including the Minister of Libya, advocated for specialized programs to better allocate refugees into European society, certain that they are not a threat to national security.

The Minister of Poland, along with various other representatives, took a very different stance on the topic. Her delegation believes that Europe should secure its borders, limiting the number of refugees coming into the country, as this could potentially lead to similar attacks.

A feasible humanitarian solution to the issue continues to be out of reach, although European representatives of the Immigration and Refugees Council continue to operate incessantly towards ensuring a stable, harmonious future for innocent refugees and immigrants across the continent.