Remedy for the Emergence of Terrorism

Lara Gabrie and Mira Moebel

Budapest, Hungary- After the bombings that occurred yesterday in several european cities such as Frankfurt, Budapest and Stockholm, the Education and Youth representatives discussed about the eventual causes and links that their council could potentially have on the rise of terrorist attacks. The majority of the Ministers were agreeing that integration is one of the main reasons that could explain the previous ONS acts, and were stating that a redefinition of the role of the European Union, its values and its history, could lead to a potential decrease of the terrorist act rates.  However, other aspects that could also explain the rise of terrorism were argued during the conference.

The Minister of Estonia for the Education and Youth council, argued that the root for the terrorist attacks mainly comes from fanaticism, xenophobia, discrimination, and a lack of integration. The delegate stated that “the crises are involved and directly related to the council, especially when it is about trying to combat terrorism.” The minister also, declared that education is a priority in order to solve this. If the youth is educated properly in this specific topic, then terrorist attacks can be prevented in the future. “We have passed a directive on a global studies class, which combats and teaches about terrorism, cultures, and the EU as a whole. I think that a lot needs to be done with regards to educating.” commented the delegate.

Furthermore, the Minister is looking forward to begin a trimester. This trimester consists of learning different cultures, values, and traditions. Moreover, he is planning on beginning a trimester on the EU, its role and its values. Originally, he wanted to start a trimester on how to put an end to terrorism. However, the directive did not pass by committee, and the minister commented that this was unfortunate. Henceforth, they will begin a trimester on political science, which will combat terrorism in the country that you are part of.