Spanish Congress Split Over Catalan Independence

By Francisco Santos and Marco Ávila, CNN

Budapest, Hungary - Over the short span of the last two days, the Congress of Deputies of Spain at Yale Model Government Europe has been considerably occupied with the essential task of determining the outcome of the Catalan independence movement in the European country. The committee is currently experiencing a divergence in opinion, composed of those that wish for Catalonia to gain independence from Spain, and those who wish for it to remain a part of the aforementioned delegation.


Anti-independence parties possess a diverse array of facts that justify Catalonia’s continuance in the Spanish population. Alicia Sanchez, deputy for the Province of Girona in Catalan parliamentary elections, has expressed her belief that Catalonia “...should be staying with Spain, because, right now, Catalonia is not in the place to become independent.” She continued to express that, because Catalonia amounts to 20% of Spain’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP), both Spain and Catalonia will suffer from poverty should the latter gain independence.


Delegates advocating for Catalonia’s independence have also sustained their beliefs with grounds and rationale at their disposition. Throughout the debate, Spanish politician Diego Cañamero of the Podemos party proclaimed that Catalonia should not have to withstand Spain’s oppression any longer. “They have disallowed their language to be taught on their own school, they ask for the same taxes as any other region of Spain, yet they give much less in public services,” he stated.   


It comes to be evident that the fate of millions of Catalans shall be determined over the coming days. Through it all, the Congress of Deputies of Spain at YMGE has worked ceaselessly towards the improvement of Spanish and Catalan lives, with the purpose of arriving towards a feasible, efficient solution.