NATO and the Nuclear Crisis

By Kiara Carriere and Alexandre Bloch

Updated Saturday, November 25, 2017

To begin with, the third day of political discussion, a new crisis has occurred, the terrorist organization ONS is threatening countries member of the European Union. We would like to know more about what happened and what is going to happen next, we interviewed the representative of Norway part of NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization).

The representative of NATO has answered some questions we asked him. Members of NATO find out that ONS has nuclear bombs and they want to bomb EU, so each country is trying to find solutions and make some alliances. He told us that NATO is doing the best they can to solve the answer. Moreover, Albania and the Czech Republic have proposed some significant solutions which would help the impact of this attack and lead to the capture of the ONS before they can set them on their nuclear bomb.

Furthermore, member of NATO believes that ONS is linked to Russia. In result, Norway and Greece are planning to attack Russia. Currently, the Norwegian Delegation believes that Russia cannot be negotiating as they are advocated in several cities. For him, NATO is going to response by a nuclear bombing if the ONS attack the EU.

To conclude, the ONS does not stop attacks and threats. It becomes a powerful organization with influence that is threatening more and more Europe. Indeed the solutions taken by different committees, the situation is still hard to handle. Nevertheless, official members are trying to find the best solutions as fastest as they can.