Summary: Food & Agriculture, Health, and Environment

By Silvana Karamoko

Today's main topic is about the epidemic affecting many countries, especially Bulgaria, Romania and Moldova. Many ministries are trying to find solutions to this delicate situation that could cause a lot of damage and death, which would mean acting to eradicate any possibility of the disease’s spread is urgent.

The Council of Food and Agriculture is at all costs seeking a solution to stop the spread of the epidemic in food, so the ministers believe that it is essential to stop the shipment of food to ensure that there is no risk of contamination. The topic is extremely delicate, and tension is present between the different ministers.

The Council of Health wants to restore serenity by proclaiming that everything is under control and that it is imperative to remain calm, in spite of the decision of President Trump who wants to close the border so that the epidemic does not spread. The Council of Health thinks that it is not necessary to close the borders and that we must find a solution together as the European Union.

In the Council of Environment, to continue in positive new steps, the French Environment Minister have taken the decision to stop the use of Ozode and Ornikal. This was endorsed by the French Finance Minister, who decided to stop funding the production of these hazardous chemicals. The French Environmental Minister also requested financing for cleaning the water.