Summary: Foreign Affairs, Justice, and Immigration & Refugees

By Laura Feingold

On the afternoon of November 23, important decisions were discussed within the councils concerning the plague. It is evolving very quickly because according to the latest WHO report, every nation of the EU has now been contaminated, and the numbers of cases and deaths have exponentially increased. 

The Council of Foreign Affairs has discussed several matters. The Minister of Latvia suggested that they should control the spread of the disease. Most countries are under control for now, and the goal of the Council now is to avoid having more cases in the countries which are in better situations. They want to temporarily ban the Schengen Agreement, build borders for every country, and avoid trade of food and agricultural products between nations. The Minister of France introduced a task force to bring back Professor DuPont, the French researcher who was kidnapped. Finally, the UK minister mentioned that Germany and the UK have funded the creation of a research facility regrouping the UK’s and Germany’s best scientists and doctors to produce a vaccine. 

The Council of Justice passed a directive to close the EU borders in order to contain the disease and another one to provide a set of funds for the other countries. The Italian Minister of Health entered the room and asked about what was being discussed. Ministers replied that they wanted to stop admitting refugees into the EU, and that they created a research database only for authorized and qualified researchers. The Health Council wants the Council of Justice to put in place legal repercussions for violation of health and hygiene policies. 

Finally, the Council of Immigration also took important decisions. The Minister of Poland said that Poland communicated with NATO, and 2,500 combat advisers have been sent to stop the Birds of Prey militia. Concerning Italy, at least five people have been contaminated in Venice, and it has been decided that 0.1 of the Italian GDP will be used for prevention. While the Minister of Luxembourg wants to keep all the borders open, it occurs that Hungary has a conservative vision and plans to mainly focus on the safety of its citizens. Therefore, Hungary is joining the CFBF pact which includes the countries that are closing their borders.