Summary: TTE, Education, and Economy & Finance

By Laura Feingold

On the morning of November 23, a devastating epidemic started spreading across Europe, and the numbers of cases and deaths are increasing. There have been about 1500 cases in Romania, Bulgaria and Moldova and about 200 deaths occurred. All of the councils are involved and are trying to find solutions to stop the spreading of the plague and prevent it from becoming worldwide using their expertise and knowledge.

The Council of Transport, Telecommunication and Energy (TTE) has not come up with a concrete solution yet. However, some important matters have been discussed. The ministers want more developed countries like France to send some more qualified doctors and more advanced medical technology to the infected countries and less developed countries which will face even bigger difficulties dealing with the plague. They also want to issue a travel warning to the more affected countries to try and prevent the disease for spreading even more. A member of the Food and Agriculture Council came in and discussed stopping the imports and exports from and to the affected countries and implementing quality insurance checks.

The Council of Education discussed ways to inform people all around the world about the epidemic. The German Minister suggested that it is better to spread all relevant information through the internet instead of having any physical gathering and risk spreading the disease even more. The Minister of Latvia added that we should only use reliable news sources instead of just using social media which can report false news. The Council dealt with making amendments and reforms like news outlets and radio transmission and always avoid physical gatherings. 

Finally, the Council of Economy and Finance passed a directive which consisted of giving funding to the Council of Health. The ministers also stated that all nations in the EU are recommended to participate in the funding to close the borders. Finally, they claimed that potential sources for the disease could be pigeons or some Russian chemicals. They are recommending shooting the pigeons and say that Russia cannot be trusted, so their chemicals should be checked and tested.