Summary: Cultural & Social Affairs, Justice, and TTE

By Laura Feingold

Throughout yesterday’s evening and this morning, several important matters were discussed in different councils.

First, the Swedish Minister of Cultural and Social Affairs was arrested by the Council of Justice for giving 15,000 dollars to Iran several months ago. He was not very cooperative since he refused to divulge who he met with and for what purpose exactly. When asked if he was aware that what he had done was illegal and that he would be arrested, he refused. He stated that he was a businessman before becoming a minister, and he was asked about his line of business. He replied that he used to own a big white board company which had several branches like production of markers. He was asked if he pleaded guilty for having sent funds to terrorists in Iran and money laundering, which he denied even though the Council found his timing quite suspicious. Finally, he was suspended of his voting rights. 

Concerning the Council of Transport, Telecommunication, and Energy, the ministers were visited by the Council of Justice who talked about a cure in Switzerland. They want to arrest members of Council of TTE because they supposedly stopped all power in Switzerland, which is considered to be a violation of human rights. They want to try the Swedish Minister of TTE. The Health Council had a discussion with the TTE Council concerning the distribution of the treatment and to whom and where they were going to provide it first. Finally, after obtaining a joint approval, the TTE Council passed a directive about it. The Council of Economy and Finance wanted to pass a directive concerning Council of Health but wanted to keep the matters private.