Summary: Foreign Affairs, Immigration and Refugees, and Education

By Laura Feingold

At this time, the world is very agitated, and many conflicts are occurring between several countries. 

The Council of Foreign Affairs is trying to avoid a Third World War and to manage Russia’s and Iran’s actions. The actions of the Iranian government are also being investigated. Russia has annexed the Baltics, and the Council will try to have a meeting with NATO to take any further decision concerning this issue. 

The Council of Immigration and Refugees sent a message to the Council of Justice concerning the corruption charges it is filing against the Council of Economy and Finances. It would also like to question the chair of ECOFIN Council since he could be the leader of the whole organisation. Throughout the course of this charge, the Council of Economy and Finances’ funding should be frozen, without access to important information and therefore will not be able to make any decision whatsoever concerning this crisis. The Council of Justice replied that ECOFIN Council has indeed violated EU laws. However, it does not have enough concrete information to arrest the ministers yet. 

The Council of Education debated about who should have access to the medicine depending on how the disease is spreading. For example, it could focus on adults over 70 and children under the age of 10 since they are at the highest risk of infection. The ministers also discussed how the medicine would be divided in Europe, but they cannot take any decision without the consent of the Health Council.