amanda taheri


Amanda is a rising junior in Branford College who has previously lived in Michigan, Vermont, and Connecticut. She is majoring in Ethnicity, Race, and Migration with a concentration on Genocide Studies. Amanda joined Yale International Relations Association her freshman year at Yale and has since been involved with numerous model united nations conferences. Having previously enjoyed her experience at Yale Model Government 2016, Amanda is excited for Yale Model Government Europe 2017! Amanda is co-president of an organization on campus called "No Lost Generation," which aims to provide educational and psycho-social support to refugees abroad. Some of her interests outside of YMGE include traveling, listening to podcasts, reading Agatha Christie mysteries, and being surrounded by animals. Please feel free to reach out to Amanda with any questions concerning the upcoming conference at: amanda@ymge.org


anin luo

Director General of Operations

Anin is a rising sophomore from Timothy Dwight College and a prospective History major. She is an international student from Taipei, Taiwan, and has always been interested in international affairs. Outside of YMGE, she also serves as a USG for both YMUN and YMUN Taiwan. She is also involved in Taiwanese American Society and research. She can’t wait to meet everybody in Budapest! Reach her at anin.dg.operations@ymge.org to talk about movies, food, or anything else!

benjamin waldman

Director General of Committees

Benjamin is a rising sophomore in Branford College from West Hartford, Connecticut, intending to double-major in political science and math. He has been involved with Model UN for several years; at Yale, he has been on the Committees team for YMUN (Yale’s conference on-campus) and YMUN-Taiwan. Aside from YMGE, Benjamin is a member of the Roosevelt Institute, a think tank that deals with equal justice. In his free time, Benjamin enjoys watching sit-coms and rom-coms and following international politics. Having attended YMGE 2013 as a delegate, he is excited to help craft the committees and crisis experience of this year’s conference! If you have any questions about YMGE committees, please don’t hesitate to reach out at benjamin.dg.committees@yale.edu.

muriel wang

Under Secretary General of Branding

Muriel Wang is a sophomore in Trumbull College from Singapore and Boston. She also calls Shanghai and New Hampshire home. Within the Yale International Relations Association, she is involved with YMUN, YMUN China, SCSY, and IRSY. She is also involved with Yale Children's Theatre, Elm City Echo, and the Yale Student Film Festival. She is thrilled to be the USG of Branding for YMGE 2017 and cannot wait to chair her own committee. In her free time, she enjoys sit-coms, creative writing, and exploring new restaurants. Please contact her at branding@ymge.org.


julia zhu

Under Secretary General of Recruitment

Julia Zhu is a rising junior in Davenport College from San Diego, California. She is double majoring in Ethics, Politics, and Economics and Statistics. Having chaired for YMUN, she is excited to be a USG of Recruitment for YMGE 2017. Outside of Yale International Relations Association, Julia plays violin in the Yale Symphony Orchestra and is a member of the Yale College Council Business Team. In her free time, she enjoys baking and playing with her three guinea pigs (she wishes that she could bring them to Yale). If you have any questions regarding the upcoming conference, please feel free to contact Julia at julia.recruitment@ymge.org.

tyler andrew Sady-Kennedy

Under Secretary General of External Relations

Andrew, originally from Ladera Ranch, California, is a sophomore in Ezra Stiles College. In addition to his position as the USG of External Relations for YMGE 2017, he also distinguishes himself as the ASG of Committees for YMUN XLIV, as well as having chaired many of Yale’s conferences, both on campus and abroad. Outside of YIRA, he is an invaluable asset to the Division I Yale Bulldogs Men’s Soccer team, an active member of the Club of Argentine Students at Yale, as well as being enrolled in Yale’s Directed Studies. After completion of this intensive program, he will pursue the Global Affairs major. If you have any questions regarding the conference, please feel free to contact Andrew at sponsorship@ymge.org.

alex rivkin

Under Secretary General of Conference

Alex is a rising sophomore in Pierson College and a prospective double major in History and Linguistics. Originally from Chicago, IL, he moved to Washington, DC where he developed a strong interest in politics and international affairs.  Having served as the Assistant Secretary General for Domestic Delegations for YMUN XLIII, Alex is very excited to work with the YMGE secretariat to make the conference experience in Budapest the best it can be. On campus, Alex does production and design for the Yale Daily News, works as a Yale Tour Guide, and has his own radio show. If you have any questions regarding the conference, please feel free to contact Alex at conference@ymge.org

monica Traniello

Under Secretary General of Recruitment

Monica is a rising junior in Grace Hopper College from Boston, Massachusetts majoring in Global Affairs and Economics. Outside of YMGE, she serves as a USG for YMUN China and as a chair for YMUN XLIV. She also participates in Yale Undergraduate Diversified Investments, the Yale Startup Consulting Group, and the Women's Leadership Initiative. In her spare time she enjoys visiting art museums and finding new music. Please don’t hesitate to contact her at monica.recruitment@ymge.org.

max Schlenker

Under Secretary General of Recruitment

Max is a rising sophomore in Ezra Stiles College double majoring in History and Applied Mathematics. After moving to New Haven from rural North Carolina, Max has discovered a newfound appreciation for earmuffs and leg warmers. Apart from working as a USG of Recruitment for YMGE 2017, he also serves as an editor for the Yale Review of International Studies and Secretary-General for the International Relations Symposium at Yale. Max works in the Undergraduate Admissions Office as a Recruitment Coordinator and Tour Guide, and has ambitions to someday start a jump rope team at Yale. For inquiries, reach him at max.recruitment@ymge.org.

Jacob Malinowski

Under Secretary General of Committees

Jacob is a motivated boy from the Midwest and is so excited to be the USG of Committees for YMGE! He is a rising sophomore in Grace Hopper, and he is majoring in something with no math or science. Sometimes he writes for The Politic, sometimes he works on local political campaigns, and sometimes he naps. Reach out if you have any questions about committees or good Wisconsin cheese at committees2017@ymge.org.

Eujin jang

Under Secretary General of Finance

Eujin is a rising sophomore in Silliman College originally from Atlanta, GA, but now living in Boston, MA. She is interested in pursuing a double major in Economics and Applied Mathematics. Besides YMGE, Eujin serves on the secretariat of several other YIRA conferences including YMUN, YMUN Korea, and IRSY. On campus, she is also involved in Elmseed Enterprise Fund, Yale College Council Business Team, and Smart Woman Securities. In her free time, she is an enthusiast of basketball, hip-hop, and good food. Eujin is excited to serve as this year’s USG of Finance and chair her own committee. Feel free to contact her at finance@ymge.org.

jake fender

Under Secretary General of Committees

Jake is a rising senior from Asheville, North Carolina majoring in political science and is excited to be the other USG of Committees for YMGE. He enjoys reading, hiking, and writing website bios. Feel free to contact him at committees@ymge.org.