Yale Model Government Europe (YMGE) brings together experienced Yale students and delegates from around the world to Lisbon to create an innovative, collaborative, and inspiring conference. Hallmarks include:

An innovative take on the traditional MUN format.

YMGE was created as a more educational and dynamic reimagining of the usual Model UN format. We have combined the best of American and European conferences to create a simulation devoted to issues pertaining Europe. Delegates will be placed in a parliament, European government, or supranational body to discuss a wide range of pressing topics.

An integrated crisis

The biggest component of YMGE’s unique format is the integrated crisis. During the conference, all committees will be hit with a simulated crisis that has significant consequences throughout Europe and the world. The delegates will have to work within and across committees and national barriers to solve this large-scale crisis, with each action having the potential to shift the whole course of the crisis.

Small committees

YMGE prides itself on its commitment to small committees, 13 of our 16 committees will have 12 or less students, with 4 larger specialized committees. This allows each delegate to have individualized attention and feedback from their committee’s director, all of whom are specially selected Yale students.

Our Mission


YMGE hopes to raise awareness of and foster discussion about international relations in the European context through simulations of global crises and fast-paced debate.