YMGE is an innovative, collaborative and inspiring conference that brings together top delegates from around the world and an experienced Yale Secretariat. Hallmarks of the conference include its unique hybrid of American and European committee styles providing delegates with a variety of experiences. In a consistently beautiful location and stunning hotel, the conference elevates the Model UN experience to new heights as delegates work together, wrestling with some of the most serious issues that the world faces today. Our skilled Crisis and Dais teams make the debate constantly engaging, and our Secretariat ensures that ample recreation options are available for free time. Come experience YMGE 2017, the best one yet!

YMGE was created in effort to re-imagine the Model UN conference in a way that would be both more educational and more dynamic for our delegates. To that end, we have combined the best of American and European conferences to create a hybrid format that promises to be a better experience. Our conference will comprise two types of sessions. In standard committee debate, delegates will be placed in a parliament, European government, or supranational body to discuss important issues pertaining to the future of Europe and the international community. In crisis sessions, all committees will have to table their individual debates to come together and solve an issue that threatens the integrity of the international system and European integration.

Our Mission


YMGE hopes to raise awareness of and foster debate about international relations and global affairs in the European context through simulations of global crises.